Tsunami alert at Praia da Rocha

Praia da Rocha

Tsunami alert on Praia da Rocha!

Without wishing to install panic, we warn of a Tsunami forecast in Praia da Rocha. During the month of August, the probability of thousands of people invading the famous beach, has just increased.

During two days of the busiest summer month, Praia da Rocha will host the first edition of the Solaris Sunset Empire. The readings tell us that the phenomenon will attract an authentic sea of ​​people who will come searching for energy.

During 14th and 15th of August the sound vibrations will be in charge of the best DJs in the world. Names like Afrojack, Kshmr, Fedde le Grand, W&W, Juicy M and Dannic, will step onto the stage of this empire in Praia da Rocha.

God of the Sun, Solaris, will emerge from the stage to the sound of the best DJs and the call of the children of land and sea. As you can see, no one wants to miss out the most epic ceremony this summer.

Tickets are for sale, get them here.