The Sun God was seen at Algarve!


The God of the Sun was spotted in the Algarve!

God is among us, and we are in Praia da Rocha. The biggest and busiest beach in the Algarve.

But who is this God? What is he doing in Praia da Rocha?

Solaris, God of the Sun, one day would descend to Earth. Its purpose was simple, to guide all living beings to the path of purification.

Solaris is back and promises to bring the Solarian population together on the 14th and 15th of August. In the sunniest month of the year you will get to know the dance rituals with the sun, allied to the power of sound. The result of continuous vibrations causes greater absorption of pure energy from the sun, the sea and the music.

And if the legend is prayed for happily superstitions, who are we to counteract them?

The prophecies will join magical stories, fabulous personalities and the best DJs in the world.The Solaris Sunset Empire is born again to snatch your summer into eternity!