The secret of the Sun City has been revealed!

solaris_15 agosto

The secret of the Sun City has been revealed!

Music took over, unforgettable memories were created and the hearts of their children radiated the purest of all energies.

The sea dives, the dances and the joy lived at this place were emancipating the sunset that marked the Solarian population.

The children of the sea came into perfect harmony with the universe to the sound of AfrojackW&WTchamiMichael CalfanJuicy MChico RoseCHRISTIAN F e Rich&Mendes.

The treasure of Algarve has been unveiled: the energy of Portimão is you, the solarian people.

We will meet again at the City of the Sun, in 2019!

Algarve will never be the same!

solaris_algarve_14 agosto

Algarve will never be the same again. The winds were blowing in our favor, the sun guided the way and the sea brought to the most beautiful Portuguese coast the best experience of this summer.

Led by Petra, the sons of the sun were part of a unique ritual cherished by KSHMR, Kungs, Fedde le Grand, Trobi, Dannic, Mike Williams and Deelight.

The various areas of the enclosure received all those who came with the premise of restoring their love and recharging their energies.

The children of the earth fulfilled their promise: new memories were built on Praia da Rocha in Portimão.

Pedro Barroso and Isabela Valadeiro are our official ambassadors

pedro barroso e isabela valadeiro _ solaris

We pursue the tuning with the universe. We stop, feel and are reborn as unique beings we are. 

Once in fiction and now in real life, Pedro and Isabela have been chosen to represent the adventures and conquests that you're going to live at Solaris Sunset Empire.

Being TVI the official station and having Pedro Barroso and Isabela Valadeiro as guides, we assure your best summer experience is about to begin.

You're not going to miss this unique ritual, are you?

Solaris Sunset Empire at TVI summer party

festa de verão tvi _ solaris sunset empire

TVI summer party could count on its most famous stars. Pedro Barroso, Isabela Valadeiro, Lourenço Ortigão, Kelly Bailey and many others starred the most expected evening in Algarve.

According to Pedro Barroso and Isabela Valadeiro, the ambassadors of the Solaris Sunset Empire, there´s nothing like a sunset after such a hard working day. It´ll be energizing, they say!

The greatest treasure of Portimão is about to be revealed at Praia da Rocha on August 14th and 15th.

15th of august | Love will find its place

SOLARIS_cartaz_15 de agosto

On August 15th music will take charge at Praia da Rocha, Portimão.

Frenzied rituals will be perpetrated by Afrojack, W&W, Tchami, Juicy M, Michael Calfan, Chico Rose and Rich&Mendes. Love will find its place.

We´ll meet at the Sun City!

14th of august | Music will take charge

SOLARIS_cartaz_14 de agosto

The greatest treasure of Praia da Rocha is about to be revealed on August 14th by the world's best artists.

KSHMR, Fedde Le Grand, Kungs, Mike Williams, Dannic and Trobi will bless the Solarian union. Music will take charge.

We'll meet at the Sun City!

Giveway TVI | 2 nights at a hotel + 2 VIP tickets


We know you want to be part of this unique ritual which will have Pedro Barroso and Isabela Valadeiro as its official ambassadors – Pedro Barroso and Isabela Valadeiro.

On August 14th and 15th, at Praia da Rocha, Portimão, you´ll have the chance to be part of TVI´s greatest official event in Algarve.


  • 2 nights at a hotel + 2 VIP tickets: that are going to allow the entrance, for two people, on both days.
  • To enter this contest you should:
    - Follow the official TVI and Solaris Sunset Empire sites on Instagram;
    - Like TVI official post on Instagram;
    - Tag and comment the friend you are going to Solaris Sunset Empire with.
  • There´s no maximum limit of entries.
  • The participants should follow all the instructions to validate your entry.
  • The giveaway is valid up to 31 of July of 2018.
  • The winner will be announced, on August 1st of 2018, on TVI´s official Instagram page, the event´s official station.