Deelight Deelight Deelight Deelight

DJ since 1998, Delight is one of the greatest resident DJs in Portugal. It counts in the curriculum with the commander of booths of mythical spaces of the Algarve Summer as are the cases of MEO Pot, Sasha Summer Sessions, NoSoloÁgua or Lick, which gives it a great coherence and musical solidity at the time of “playing for the track”.

Right to this know-how of credo pleaser, innumerable performances as a guest in the most varied houses and events of Portuguese reference, being nowadays a familiar name in the national night scene. It is also known to the younger audience for being an assiduous presence, and graduation trips in the south of Spain.

2017 was a great year for Deelight: It started with a memorable performance at one of the best New Year festivities in Portugal, the “Porto Reveillon” in the Monastery of S.Bento da Vitória, in Porto. It was so good that it was repeated in 2018! There were 200 performances from the north to the south of the country, among their residences in the best spots in the country – literally !! (NoSoloÁgua Portimão, Lick Vilamoura and Forte S. João in Vila do Conde), or as a guest in clubs and festivals, for brands such as MTV, Mercedes, Guess, Moet & Chandon, Accenture, Control, Gray Goose, among others.

Deelight is characterized by a mainstream and tasteful sound, always house, in a perfect blend between the modern and the classic. It is, as the artist says, “to dance and sing with a smile in ones face and an arm in the air”!

Deelight smells like summer, whatever the season is.

Let’s go for it!