Imagine yourself on a paradisiacal beach day, in a refuge sculpted by the Atlantic Ocean.

Portimão's greatest treasure is about to be revealed!
When the sun goes down, music will take over, creating unforgettable memories.
It'll all be summed up in a single moment, in a unique ritual that will take place in front of the world's best DJs.
On August 14 and 15, at Praia da Rocha, love will find its place in Solaris Sunset Empire!

God Solaris

Solaris, the sovereign king of Heliopolis, is the God that controls all energies and vibrations.
With his strong grip, he rules over the people of the City Of The Sun, who live in a everlasting search for love and happiness.
Some are looking for adventures, others are seeking for conquests!...
The sea and the earth are their allies, on the eternal path for the elemental pleasures of life.


The sons of the sea are protected by Maris.
The adventurous goddess, revolutionary and rebellious as the waves of an enraged sea, has an indomitable will to explore and enjoy life. Nothing can control her fierce impetus, which reduces rocks to the size of grains of sand, with the strenght of her deep gaze.


The beautiful goddess Petra, whose eyes are as brown as the trunk of an oak tree, has a natural gift for leadership.
She cares for the children of the earth, who trust her to lead them. With the constancy of one who knows that Fate is nothing but a consequence of the will, she always conquers her goals!

Separated by their differences, they both shared a common love: the God Solaris. This competition turned them into rivals, thus dividing the City of The Sun. In an attempt to reconcile them, bringing peace to the empire, Solaris decided to gather the Solarian people in a unique ritual of celebration.

At Praia da Rocha, the Solarian people will dance in frenetic rituals, under the light of the shooting sun.
Eternal oaths and sacred covenants will be made, consecrating the Solarian union.
The sands of the Algarve will be the scene of a unique ritual, which combines Petra's magnetic force with Maris' powerful energy.

Love will find its place.