Maris, the Sea Goddess that is going to bring adventure to your life.

The adventurous Goddess, Maris, enjoys and explores life. She is introspective, spontaneous, life-changing and revolutionary.

The Goddess of the sea has an irresistible charm and enjoys being in permanent contact with others. She flourishes with passions, and that is how she feeds her soul.

Maris recharges energies directly from the sea, the place she feels better, allowing her to be aligned with the environment. She traces her destiny with her characteristic identity and with the promise of incredible experiences.

The territory that belongs to the sea.

This place was ruled by a strong magnetic field which allowed the population to recover energies and restore the balance. Maris, emanated stability, security and well-being. She was the representation of a good-humored, relaxed population that is in constant movement and thirsty for passions.