Petra, the Goddess of the land, will nourish your life and your life.

Petra, the charismatic goddess, was born with the a natural gift for leadership. She is rational, determined and confident. So, she runs after her goals with the certainty that she will always achieve them.

Her brilliant mind is nourished by her conquests, the talent of others and her foolproof strategies.

Powerful, sensitive and competitive, she is capable to invigorate herself in the sand, where she absorbs the purity of the crystals, the strength of the castles erected and the sincerity of the words written in the sand.

Petra draws her way to the safety of indissoluble memories and striking footprints.

The territory that emerged from the sand.

Petra emerged from the grains carried by the waves. It is a place full of light, where the sea kissed the rocks and dreams were built on the sand. This territory inspired security and peace that built indissoluble memories.