Solaris God


Solaris, the Sun God, promises to nourish your soul and your life.

With strong opinions and with an inexhaustible energy, Solaris fights untiringly for his people. He believes in greater love and in the elements that make up the nature of the empire he has built.

Visionary, heartfelt and dreamy, he acts through the power of the sun. The God of Sun is able to infuriate the dreams of the weak and balance the body, soul and mind of those who love him.

The Emperor of Solaris brings luck and rituals that are going to rejuvenate the most inspiring people.

The fate of his soul. 

His mission on Earth, as a God, is to reveal the knowledge of rituals that, through music, dance and sun, are going to allow the conduction of energy and the revitalization of the human spirit. He guides the Solarian people, with the help of Maris and Petra, to a happy and balanced life.

The ones who are the most challenging, the most adventurous and the bravest would be rewarded by Solaris. An eternal and full life awaited the arrival of these souls.