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Solaris Sunset Empire VIP zone

The VIP area of Solaris Sunset Empire has two zones: a base in front of the stage, with a privileged view over it and over the Solarian people; and Blanco Beach Club, that has a swimming pool and a restaurant.
Everyone who owns a VIP ticket can walk freely in these areas.

Blanco Beach Club

Blanco Beach Club is inserted in the VIP area of Solaris Sunset Empire.
If you have a VIP ticket, the entrance to the festival will be made by the main door of Blanco Beach Club.
The VIP tables, located around the swimming pool, allow you to enjoy an exclusive service.
Inside Blanco Beach Club, meals will be served, in buffet regime and in shifts from 12:30 am to 11:00 pm.

In the VIP area of Solaris Sunset Empire, besides this restaurant, there is also another eating area, where you can buy fast food such as pizzas, hamburgers, kebabs, hot dogs, etc.


Phone: +351 912617625

You need to have a VIP ticket. Only afterwards should you buy a VIP Experience.
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